Lil' Dragons

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Lil’ Dragons Isshin Ryu Karate is for children ages 3 to 5. We prepare the children to move into the regular classes with fun exercise, story time and simple self defense / awareness.

Kids learn about focus, respect and discipline in a fun controlled environment.

Parent participation during class with the simple self defense is encouraged.

The Lil' Dragons will:
  • Learn to share with others
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Develop a sense of independence
  • Develop speech and language skills
  • Promoted physical strength and activity
  • Promote coordination and stamina
  • Build fundamental motor skills
  • Follow directions with listening games
  • Act respectfully
Safety Skills: Our Lil' Dragons learn about Fire Safety; First Aid; Personal Hygiene; Holiday Safety; Home Safety; Stranger Danger; Traffic Safety; and Weather Safety.

Lift Skills: Our Lil' Dragons learn about Balance; Cooperation; Coordination; Discipline; Exercise; Listening; Memory; Nutrition; and Respect.