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Who We Are

On-Site Family Martial Arts Center is one of the largest martial arts centers of its kind in New Hampshire.  It has some of the leading Instructors in New England in 10 different martial arts under one roof.
Join Sensei Harry and staff for a 12 week intensive self-defense program for adults.   Learn what it takes to be empowered to help yourself and others in situations that you didn't ask to be in!  Learning blocks from punches and kicks, grabs, from the ground or in a chair, multiple attackers, vs. weapons, and much more.
Graduation includes board braking to give you the understanding if called upon YOU can not only survive but come out with the least damage as possible.
Each class will be held at OSFMAC on Tuesdays 7PM until 8:15PM.

We Offer More

Miss a class see Sensei, we'll try to schedule make-ups.   Bring notebooks and wear loose fitting clothing.

See Us In Action!

Our instructors and students enjoy challenges and are ready to face them. We have students of all age learning and practicing new skills that not only help them stay active, and defend themselves, but also help build citizenry, and develop confidence to help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Experience Matters

With over 30 years in martial arts, a teaching degree in Phys Ed, and more than 20 years in the Seacoast NH region, Sensei (Harry) Charache is head instructor at On-Site Family Martial Arts Center. This seventh-degree black belt is passionate about teaching the centuries-old eastern arts to local students of all ages.